SmartMForming project supported by EUREKA program


In 2016, CADCAM Design Centar with Slovenian companies Gorenje Orodjarna ltd and TPV trženje in proizvodnja vozil ltd signed partnership for EUREKA project Smart toolsworth 1.1 million Euros with a total length of 3 years.
Sheet metal forming is one of the most important processes in modern industrial production. Nowadays, a large number of parts in the automotive industry, the aerospace industry and the industry of household appliances are made of sheet metal. Processes of forming of sheet metal are quite complicated and require very detailed planning. Over the past few years it has become an even bigger problem due to increasingly complex designed products, high demands on product quality and development of new, very strong and high-quality materials. Today, in the automotive industry for more than 35% of the steel plates are made of high-strength steel, and this percentage is constantly increasing.
The main advantage of using high strength materials is, ultimately high strength of the final product which means that it is possible to make the product less density and less weight in the end. Today there are various methods of improving the formation of the sheet metal, but many of them are very expensive and only large companies are able to invest in such technologies.

SmartMForming is an innovative development project in which the mechanical power presses with high flexibility replaced with presses with sensors that regulate the status of tools, formation time, stroke and combine two or more operations in one and in that way, shorten production time.

The idea behind project Smart tools is to allow all users the possibility of improvements in technology and the simplification of the whole process of forming the sheet metal using just a few clicks. The idea of smart tools is the existence of the sensors, and the possibility of management tools on-line, such as installation parameters, controlling the state of tools and process optimization.