New products

1) Method for manufacturing Smart servo sheet metal forming tools

The main result of the project SmartMforming will be developed method for manufacturing Smart servo sheet metal forming tools. With this method the real sheet metal forming tool for the automotive industry will be manufactured and tested in real industry environment. After the end of project we will use the results of this project to offer our customers smart tools as an alternative to conventional cold forming and explain them all advantages of servo systems.

2) CATIA AddOn

Result of the project will be a CATIA AddOn that will be completely integrated into computer-aided design (CAD) software (CATIA). Integration of the AddOn into CATIA software is important due to request for shorter product development time and development cost reduction. The ability of performing kinematics of Sheet Metal Forming Tool CAD Model will have a great impact on product development time and cost reduction. Besides that, by allowing of carrying out virtual kinematic, the result of the development or optimization process of a component will be enhanced. These results will be more accurate and further eliminating mistakes.

3) CNCSTAMP and MES Linkage

Within the project there will be prepared studies of user requirements for the Manufacturing Execution System (MES), analysis of the existing situations and user requirements for data capture, notification, and reporting, micro-planning and potential links with other IT control, supervision and management systems in automotive industry (e.g. ERP, DMS).