Smart tool with sensors and servo systems embedded for automotive industry tested in real industry production:

1) For the demonstrator TPV has given three different sheet metal parts from automotive industry.

All of them are going to be investigated in project and for one of them will be developed the smart sheet metal tool which is going to be tested in real environment in the industry.
First sheet metal part from the automotive industry is “Traverse”.
“Traverse” is a sheet metal part made from 2.5 mm thick high-strength sheet material. The part is integrated into the cooling system of truck MAN. TPV produce around 50.000 products per year.

2) Second part is “airbag holder” which is made of 2 mm thick high-strength sheet material.

The part is made in 11 forming and cutting operations. Left and right part (they are symmetrical) are made in the same sheet metal tool. The airbag holder is directly mounted into the “Traverse”. On these two symmetrical parts is mounted airbag for the passenger. In 2015 TPV produced 202.000 products.

3) The third part is “adapter bracket”.

The part is integrated into the car LAND ROVER. The part is mounted to the car body and holds back seats. In 2015 TPV produced 55.000 products. The part is made in the sheet metal tool with 9 different operations. The high-strength sheet material is 5 mm thick.