TPV trženje in proizvodnja opreme vozil


TPV is a Slovenian company operating on the global market and has recognized itself more and more in the recent years as a development supplier in the automotive industry. TPV is a reliable partner, a development supplier in the automotive industry turning its attention to new customers and new markets.

TPV as a development supplier in the automotive industry provides complete solutions – from product and process design to serial production. Advanced materials along with the principles of light-weight assembly, state-of-the-art production technologies and innovative approaches, are their advantages in providing solutions as regards body and chassis components. Development and manufacture of seat structures and their components offer varied solutions for customers needs for functionality, as well as performance, ergonomics and style. TPV is specialized in engineering development, production process design in the following technologies: welding and assembly of automotive components, tubes and wires bending and forming, sheet metal forming, machining, and cataphoresis coating (KTL).

TPV has the skills and knowledge to develop products form the concept phase to the final production definition. Development of product and process consists of analysis, virtual development, realization of prototypes, and validation of product and process definition and testing. An important part of development is also technology planning and development of tools for large series production. Production processes development taps into the pool of talent of development engineers, ongoing exchange of information and knowledge with customers and suppliers. This offers TPV to have a larger possibility of design creativity and basing on their own ideas. TPV invests a lot in high-level executives, in development and new technologies, and encourages innovation among employees.

Moreover, TPV also cooperates with several educational and research institutions. TPV has established strong cooperation with the Faculty of Industrial Engineering Novo mesto (FINI) which is also involved in the project as the external partner. TPV is also one of the most influential partners in research centre SiEVA. The centre employs highly skilled professionals with competences in fields of electrification, internal combustion engine development, safety and comfort, process development, technology and excellence in manufacturing.